WBC 2017 Semi-finals

WBC 2017 Semi-finals : Israel-Korea start time, live stream, TV, odds, prediction, Israel, Korea set for Classic openingFormer Major Leaguer Marquis opposing lefty Chang to begin Pool A, The 2017 WBC 2017 Semi-finals is upon us. The tournament begins early Monday with Game 1 of Pool A at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul,

WBC 2017 Semi-finals

South Korea. Pool B will be played at Tokyo Dome, Pool C will be played at Marlins Park in Miami, and Pool D will be played at Estadio Charros de Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Here’s how you can watch the tournament’s opening game: How to watch:  Teams: Israel vs. South Korea Date: Monday, March 6 Time: 4:30 am ET Television: MLB Network Streaming: MLB.tv

The 2017 World Baseball Classic starts on Monday with the opener between Korea and Israel at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. For Israel, which won the WBC Qualifier in Brooklyn last September, it’s their debut in the main tournament of the World Championship crowning international tournament. Other participants in Seoul will be the Netherlands and Chinese Taipei.

The other Qualifier winners are Australia (first round pool vs Cuba, China and Japan in Tokyo), Mexico (first round pool vs Italy, Venezuela and Puerto Rico in Jalisco) and Colombia (first round vs USA, Canada and Dominican Republic in Miami).

Defending champion is the Dominican team, which beat Puerto Rico in the finals in 2013. The Netherlands reached the semi-finals, their best finish so far. Two-time winner Samurai Japan also got eliminated during the WBC 2017 Semi-finals. Overall, it’s the fourth edition of the WBC, which features players from all the professional leagues, although the willingness of owners and players can be limited from case to case.